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Do you want to reliably measure different physical quantities? Are you looking for cost-effective electronics? CLIP is the right solution for you.

CLIP — Analog Amplifier for Industrial Applications

Simply ‘clip on’ and get started! The CLIP analog amplifier comes in a lightweight plastic housing. It is designed for applications in production or test benches, and can be easily installed on DIN rails. CLIP modules have DC or CF supply and can be connected to all strain gauge transducers for measuring force, displacement or torque as well as load cells. Moreover, many modules are available for expansion and individual adaptation to respective applications. CLIP combines quick integration and ease of use, and is a cost-effective solution for reliably acquiring physical quantities in harsh industrial environments.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.1
  • Measuring inputs for many common signals in production and test benches
  • Optional expansion with: current output, limit switch, tare module

Flexible and precise

  • 0.1 accuracy class
  • For all strain gauge transducers in full bridge configuration such as force, displacement, and torque transducers as well as load cells
  • Robust and reliable 600 Hz carrier-frequency amplifier version for weighing technology applications
  • Fast DC amplifier version with high measurement bandwidth for applications in factory automation
  • Add-on modules for peak and limit values as well as tare function for control tasks

Quickly integrable

  • All CLIP amplifiers have a ±10 V analog output
  • A ±20 mA, 4-20 mA current output is available as an option
  • DIP switches and adjustment potentiometers on the front allow convenient adjustment
  • Measurement range can be adjusted without a pre-defined load, using an internal calibration signal


  • High EMC and safe operation, even in harsh industrial environments
  • In combination with SD01A Zener barriers, sensors can also be operated as intrinsically safe devices in potentially explosive atmospheres, measurement circuit type (Ex II (1) GD, [EEx ia]IIC)
  • Standardized, tried and tested installation on DIN rails according to DIN 50022 in the control cabinet


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