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digiCLIP is a modular amplifier system for use in industrial environments. It allows faster and more reliable measurement.

digiCLIP: Modular Signal Conditioners for Process and Factory Automation

Whether it is force, pressure, torque, or load — the digiCLIP modular signal conditioning system acquires signals in production and process monitoring quickly and precisely. digiCLIP was specially developed for automation applications. It features a clip mechanism for easy installation on DIN rails and can be connected to virtually any strain gauge transducer in full bridge configuration.

Free Device Type Manager (DTM) software allows fast and easy amplifier parameterization, control, and diagnosis for reduced setup times. In addition, digiCLIP fully and automatically identifies transducers that come with TEDS, the Transducer Electronic Data Sheet. Starting up digiCLIP is easy, even for untrained staff.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.05
  • Measurement input for all full bridge strain gauge transducers
  • Fieldbus options: CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet

Efficient and precise

  • 0.05 accuracy class
  • High 24-bit resolution for extreme precision, also in small partial load ranges
  • For all full bridge strain gauge transducers
  • “Plug & Measure” due to integrated TEDS sensor identification
  • Robust and reliable 600 Hz carrier frequency sensor supply
  • High EMC and safe operation, even in harsh environments
  • In combination with SD01A Zener barriers, sensors can also be operated as intrinsically safe devices in potentially explosive atmospheres, measurement circuit type (Ex II (1) GD, [EEx ia]IIC)

High level of automation

  • Fieldbus connection via PROFIBUS DP, CANopen or DeviceNet interface
  • All digiCLIP modules have peak-value memories and limit switches for universal monitoring tasks
  • DF31 types feature additional fast digital I/Os
  • Storage of all settings (formulations) in internal parameter sets
  • Diagnosis, error, and alarm signals

Centralized parameterization

  • Certified digiCLIP Device Type Manager (DTM) for effective system asset management:
  • Centralized parameterization, control, and diagnosis through control system
  • Graphical user interface
  • Integration via FDT interface (Field Device Tool)
  • Available as free download

See a live presentation about the advantages of digiCLIP from Michael Guckes, Product and Application Manager at HBM Test and Measurement. The interview was made on the SPS/IPC/DRIVES trade show in 2011.


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