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P250 Strain Gauge Adhesive


P250 Strain Gauge Adhesive

P250 is a ready-to-use adhesive for strain gauge installation that presents a low hazard as per Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR). It cures under heat and pressure.

P250: Ready-to-use Adhesive for Strain Gauge Installations

The P250 is a ready-to-use phenolic resin based adhesive. It cures under heat and pressure. It is suitable for strain gauge installations for experimental tests and for transducer construction.

The P250-R is the phenolic resin for mixing the P250 adhesive. It only needs to be mixed with Ethanol (solvent) to make the adhesive ready for use. It also cures under heat and pressure.

P250 can produce thin adhesive layers and is applicable for b-stage layers. It can be used in a wide temperature range of -196°C to 250°C.

  • Easy handling (1-P250): integrated brush in the cap and direct application of the adhesive on the strain gauge
  • Wide temperature range: from -196°C up to 250°C
  • Available in two different variants: ready-to-use (P250) or as resin to be mixed (P250-R)
  • Hot curing adhesive: curing time of 4.5 hours at 160°C
  • Usable for high strain: 6%

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There are two types of packages available:

  • P250: 2 x 15 g:
  • P250-R: 2 x 6 g (save DGR fee by ordering the P250-R):

Both packages include the accessories required for strain gauge installation—PTFE foil, operating manual, funnel, nitrile rubber, temperature resistant polyimide tape, and brush integrated in cap.


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