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The T21WN torque transducer is ideal for measuring low torque as well as rotational speed and/or angle of rotation

T21WN Torque Transducer: Torque Measurement up to 200 Nm

The strain gauge technology-based T21WN uses non-contacting energy and measurement signal transmission to measure torque. The sensor is ideal for reliable measurement of relatively low static and dynamic torque on non-rotating as well as rotating components. The output signal at nominal (rated) torque is +/-10 V. The T21WN can be used, for example, in test benches for bearings as well as in material or haptic tests in medical engineering applications and research laboratories. Like its predecessor (T20WN) the T21WN can be easily and quickly integrated into the measurement chain using the robust VK20A junction box.

HBM accuracy class: 0.2
Nominal (rated) torque: 0.1 Nm to 200 Nm
Nominal (rated) rotational speed (rpm): up to 20,000

All Inclusive

  • Rotational speed and angle of rotation measurement, with integrated measurement system
  • Rotational speed measurement with 360 pulses/revolution
  • Easy integration due to compact design
  • Maintenance-free operation

Practical and flexible solution for torque measurement in many applications


  • Standard voltage and frequency outputs (+/- 10 V; 10 kHz+/-5 kHz)
  • EtherCAT and PROFINET
  • Measuring bandwidth of up to 1 kHz
  • Rotational speed range of up to 20,000 rpm
  • 10 to 28.8 V input voltage

Easy and fast integration into the measurement chain and safe for use


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