Optik Fiber Sensörler

newLight: The Easy To Install Optical Sensor for Strain, Tilt, Temperature and Acceleration

The newly developed optical sensor line newLight by HBM enables large strain measurement ranges at increased long-term stability. It is the ideal choice for structural health monitoring due to its fast and easy installation and its resistance to environmental conditions such as humidity, rust, and salt even over extremely long distances.

The compatibility with standard telecom cables makes this line very cost efficient – especially for medium-to-high channel applications! The newLight range is based on the Fiber Bragg Grating technology and offers optical sensors for measurements of strain, temperature, accelerometer, and tilt.

Easy to handle

  • Compatible with telecom fiber for long-distance measurements
  • Simple installation resulting in reduced setup costs
  • Robust designs



  • Selectable wavelengths, cable types, and connectors
  • Multiple sensors assembled in arrays with spliced connectors for fast installation
  • Bare fiber with multiple FBG



  • Diverse sensor formats
  • High strain and high fatigue resistance
  • From simple FBG to complex sensor designs
  • Reinforced or dielectric for applications in different hazardous areas


Structural Health Monitoring

  • Short- or long-term monitoring of bridges, tunnels and high buildings
  • Pipeline monitoring for structural integrity
  • Onshore or offshore monitoring of flare towers and monopiles



  • Condition monitoring and maintenance of electrical power generators
  • Hot spot measurements on power transformers
  • Temperature measurements for battery testing



  • Blade condition monitoring
  • Onshore and offshore monitoring and testing of foundation and structure
  • Integration in systems for individual pitch control (PC)
  • Fatigue and durability testing



  • Pantograph monitoring and testing
  • Overhead line (OHL) and pantograph interaction control
  • Vehicle validation and verification


Select Your Optical Sensor

Choose individual sensors with or without plugs or select a group of sensors connected on the same line for ease of installation:

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