A + U Series


A + U Series

A and U Series Transducer Strain Gauges: Ensure Maximum Precision and Quality of Your Transducers

The A and U series universal strain gauges are perfect for transducer manufacturers. Combining the conventional constantan or Modco (modified Karma) measuring grid foils with high-performance PEEKF carrier material provides strain gauges that unite easy handling with high accuracy and outstanding humidity behavior. U series strain gauges also offer a compensated modulus of elasticity, increased sensitivity, and enhanced fatigue strength at high strains.

Both series come in different geometries, resistance values, and grid lengths as standard. Custom designs can be developed in just a few weeks.


  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Very low water absorption and resistance to humidity
  • Small radii of curvature are possible, allowing for installation in small drill holes

Easy handling during installation and long service life.


  • Very high stiffness (modulus of elasticity) and, thus, capable of transferring the measuring body’s deformation directly to the measuring grid
  • Higher thermal conductivity than polyimide

Suitable for transducers with high accuracy requirements.


  • Over 30 different standard versions for steel or aluminum with 10 different creep adjustments
  • Various options available such as encapsulation, pre-coating with adhesive, or pre-tinned solder tabs
  • Custom designs possible

Perfect for your solution, regardless of whether it is standard or custom.


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