Balancing Resistors


Balancing Resistors

Stick-on nickel resistors complete the balanced Wheatstone bridge circuit

Practice-Oriented Balancing and Compensating Resistors for Transducer Manufacturers

Balancing and compensating measures make an essential contribution to meeting the target sensor specifications. In practical terms, this means integrating fixed or temperature-variable resistors into the Wheatstone bridge circuit or into the excitation lines. These adjustment and compensating resistors are characterized by their practical design. The resistor networks can be easily installed similar to strain gauges.

  • Compensation of the Wheatstone bridge circuit’s temperature response error, also called temperature compensation of the zero point (TC0)
  • Correction of an imbalance in the Wheatstone bridge circuit, also called bridge or zero balance
  • Compensation of the transducer sensitivity’s temperature dependency, also called compensation of the temperature coefficient of sensitivity (TCS)

Stability for wide-ranging areas of application


  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Robust design with adjustable resistors to avoid short circuits

Easy handling during installation and long service life.


  • Precise TC0 trimming with adjustable, temperature-dependent resistors
  • Balancing of the Wheatstone bridge circuit with temperature-independent resistors
  • Temperature-dependent TCS resistors

Suitable and necessary for transducers with high accuracy requirements.


  • Various standard versions and resistors offered
  • Optionally pre-coated with adhesive, no additional adhesive required
  • Custom designs possible

The perfect complement for balancing your transducer.


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