FS70 is a configurable array of bare FBGs in series ideal for multipoint strain measurement


newLight FS70 Multiple Fiber Bragg Gratings

Based on the Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology and the newLight optical sensor series, the FS70 configurable arrays are optical fibers with multiple FBGs and high-performance coatings. These are optimally suited for multipoint measurement of strain in laboratories and in all kinds of industries.

To maximize results, these can be configured with a selection of options:

  • Selectable number of FBGs, wavelengths, and distances
  • Selectable cable types: braid, aramid, armor or no cable
  • Selectable connector type: FC/APC or SC/APC or no connector


  • Accurate measurements on curved surfaces
  • Long-term stability without drift
  • Immunity to all electromagnetic interferences

Precise measurement results with long-term stability


  • High resistance to fatigue
  • Outstanding bending capability
  • Resistance to corrosion, also in humid and salty environments
  • Fewer cabling requirements

Extremely resilient and suited to indoor and outdoor applications


  • Single, ready-to-install optical fiber
  • Light-weight optical fibers and reduced cabling
  • Fitted for hybrid measurements (optical and conventional)

Easy-to-use with little installation effort

FS70FBG Configurable Array of FBG

Single mode optical fiber with high-performance coating that ensures optimal strain transmission and enhanced stability

  • Up to 20 FBGs with wavelengths between 1502.5 nm and 1597.5 nm
  • Up to 10 m total fiber length
  • Distances between FBGs starting from 0.05 m
  • Connect cables of different types and up to 20 m length

Note: Available on request as custom sensor

FS70PKF Configurable Array of FBG in Peek Coated Fiber

Single mode optical fiber with high-performance coating and an additional peek layer for ruggedized operation

  • Up to 10 FBGs spaced at 1 m
  • Combine two options of wavelengths in a series for a higher number of measuring points or for closer spacing:
    • Wavelengths from 1510 nm at 10 nm
    • Wavelengths from 1515 nm at 10 nm
  • Connect cables of different types and up to 20 m length

Note: Available on request as custom sensor


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