U2B Kuvvet Sensörü [0.5 kN … 200 kN]


U2B Kuvvet Sensörü [0.5 kN … 200 kN]

The U2B series of force transducers is suitable for measuring tensile forces and pressures. They measure static and dynamic forces with great accuracy.

The U2B force transducers are manufactured from stainless steel and are suitable for use under harsh environmental conditions and severe operating constraints. They are maintenance free and can even be installed in places that are hard to reach. Their measuring signals can be transmitted to remote measuring equipment.

  • Force transducers made from stainless materials
  • Tensile / compressive force transducers
  • High accuracy even with sideloads thanks to integrated lateral force compensation
  • Robust thanks to ability to accept high levels of sustained dynamic loading
  • Low overall height
  • Axial displacement < 0,1mm
  • Very safe to operate, even in adverse conditions
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