MGC Plus


MGC Plus

MGCplus sets standards having sold over 24,000 systems and several hundred thousand measurement channels in the field.

MGCplus: The All-Rounder for Data Acquisition

Whether it is calibration, material, or fatigue testing, the MGCplus data acquisition system has been used in all kinds of applications for more than 25 years.

It acquires data on force, strain, displacement, torque, voltage, current, temperature, and many other parameters.

Owing to this versatility, the MGCplus is one of the most popular data acquisition systems worldwide. This means that it offers proven compatibility, not only within the MGCplus system but also along the entire measurement chain from the sensor to the software.

Due to its cutting-edge architecture, the new MGCplus CP52 communication processor provides many new options and is backward compatible!


  • Over 25 years of experience in service and support
  • HBM’s patented three-wire and four-wire circuits to ensure perfect compensation of lead wire resistances
  • Carrier frequency modules for the measurements carried out in environments with electrical disturbance
  • Accuracy class of up to 0.0025 for precision measurement tasks

Investment security: Single-source system


  • 512 channels per CP52, in combination with decentralized CANHEAD amplifiers
  • 128 channels in a single MGCplus housing
  • Synchronous data acquisition of several thousand measurement channels, also in mixed operation with other devices
  • Stand-alone USB data storage
  • Number of channels can be expanded from 1 to 20,000
  • Modular system design that meets a wide range of requirements
Easy integration: A system that can be adapted to every measurement project


  • Single and multiple channel amplifiers for almost all physical quantities
  • Display and control panel for operation without software
  • Simultaneous and parallel measurement using three independent sampling rates
  • DC amplifier for dynamic measurement up to 19.2 kS/s per channel
  • Rack frame or desktop housing for use in control cabinets or laboratories

The right solution: Regardless of what you measure

Clean measured values guaranteed: In the video you can see how the non-linearities can easily be compensated for when measuring high strains with MGCplus


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